Palliative Care

Care FAQs

As defined by World Health Organisation, palliative care is a crucial part of integrated, people-centred health services. Relieving serious health-related suffering, be it physical, psychological, social, or spiritual, is a global ethical responsibility. Thus, whether the cause of suffering is cardiovascular disease, cancer, major organ failure, drug-resistant tuberculosis, severe burns, end-stage chronic illness, acute trauma, extreme birth prematurity or extreme frailty of old age, palliative care may be needed and has to be available at all levels of care.

According to a report, less than 4% of needy patients receives palliative care at time. to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 3, working towards universal health coverage, we have to strengthen palliative care services.

Like in many western countries, in India palliative care is not integrated in healthcare system to support such families with necessary care. Therefore, we try to close the care gap with our services.

Our approach also contributes towards 3 Sustainable Development Goals.