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What We Do

Sparsh’s comprehensive hospice care encompasses inpatient, home-based, and outpatient services, providing tailored support to patients and their families.

Our dedicated team of doctors, nurses, and social counselors offers pain management, symptom control, bereavement support, and spiritual guidance, ensuring patients receive the care they deserve.

Sparsh’s commitment to compassionate care extends beyond the hospital walls, reaching patients in their homes and providing outpatient consultations to ensure continuity of care.

Our Services

Hospice Care

Sparsh’s new 82-bed facility in Khajaguda, Hyderabad, provides in-patient palliative care, especially for complex symptoms unmanageable at home. It includes beds for children’s palliative care, single rooms, and amenities like an amphitheatre, dining hall, library, physiotherapy room, auditorium, and a landscaped garden for patient and caregiver comfort.

Home Care

Through a fleet of six vans, we provide home services to terminally ill individuals, focusing on pain and symptom management. Our home care services aim to enhance pain and symptom control, deliver nursing care, and address psychological and spiritual concerns. Additionally, we offer bereavement support to assist families in coping with loss and grief.

OP Consultations

For a tailored care plan to beneficiaries we also extend out-patient consultations where a team of doctors, and social counsellors try to extend pain management and nursing care. Currently, our OP services are in Hyderabad, Nizamabad and Karimnagar.

Training & Education

To enhance capabilities and bolster human resources within the realm of palliative care, we’ve initiated General Duty Assistant training in collaboration with skill development institutes. This endeavour not only expands our resources but also creates prospects for livelihood among disadvantaged women and men.

Additionally, we’ve introduced educational avenues for students and volunteers by incorporating our comprehensive learning program, the Certificate Course in Palliative Care for Volunteers (CCPCV), in partnership with IAPC.

Our Pledge

Contribute towards alleviating pain

How can I Contribute?

No amount is big or small.

We encourage you to contribute generously to this noble cause. All our services are provided to every individual without any cost and all of these are supported by charitable donations and the generosity of those making these donations.

Donations can be made by clicking the “CONTRIBUTE” button on our website. You may alternatively choose to make the donation via NEFT/RTGS externally through your bank’s portal. Kindly click on our CONTRIBUTE page for more details.

How can I avail Tax-exemption?

Donation towards Sparsh Hospice is tax exempted from income tax in India. (Please provide your PAN number if you need tax exemption.)

We issue a receipt to every donor and details of the tax exemption are mentioned on the receipt.

Please write to us at so that we can send the receipt to your email ID / postal address.  Please provide your Name, PAN number, Contact number and Address (Please note: PAN number is required to avail tax exemption).

How Will My Contributions Be Used?

In addition to accommodation and food, we also provide care to moderate physical pain and sorrow. The contribution will help us in increasing the quality of life of terminally ill beneficiaries and their family members.

Our Testimonials

Mr Sunil Gavaskar, Indian Cricketer

There is no single life which is without pain, and Sparsh is giving that care and love to the terminally ill. It is heartwarming to see such kind of love and compassion in society.

Mr.Stephanie Urchick, Rotary International President 2024-2025

Thank you for doing such an important work. It is work of angels

Mr.Rana Daggubati, Indian Celebrity

It is my good fortune to visit Sparsh Hospice, which is considered as temple by many

Mr Vivian David

Was really surprised by the amazing care given to end stage cancer patients.

Mrs. Shivani Gupta

One of the best services, its really the place, Where people are like not less than Gods, Thankyou for taking care of my grandfather.

Mr. Arul Masakatla

The Institution really shows, what it really means by the “Human Touch”. The people render their service are really God given gifts to the patients.

- Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu, Former Vice-President of India

Youth should always keep in mind a higher mission & work towards this larger cause with single-minded focus, just as the dedicated team of Sparsh walks the true last mile of life with the dying to provide dignity in death to the needy.

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13:38 17 Nov 23
I'm vasupradha, a BTech student from GNITS, and I wanted to take a moment to express my deep gratitude for the incredibly warm welcome and the invaluable insights we gained during our visit to Sparsh Hospice for our ESS project.Your team's dedication to providing compassionate care to patients is nothing short of commendable. The serene environment at Sparsh Hospice truly creates a peaceful and comforting atmosphere, underscoring that the well-being of the residents is a top priority.What struck me the most was the willingness of your staff to generously share their experiences and patiently answer our queries. This not only enhanced our understanding of palliative care but also left a profound impact on our hearts.I am genuinely thankful for the opportunity to witness the exemplary work being done at Sparsh Hospice. Your unwavering commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of those facing challenging circumstances is truly inspiring.Thank you once again for accommodating us. I eagerly anticipate the possibility of future collaborations and the chance to contribute to your impactful initiatives.
13:26 17 Nov 23
I had the privilege of visiting Sparsh Hospice as part of a Employability Soft skills project as a Student from G. Narayanamma Institute of Technology and Science, and the experience left a profound impact on me. The dedication of the staff and volunteers at Sparsh Hospice in providing palliative care and hospice care is truly commendable. Witnessing their commitment to enhancing the quality of life for individuals facing serious illnesses was inspiring.My visit to Sparsh Hospice made me realize the significance of such care in ensuring that individuals receive holistic support, addressing not only physical needs but also emotional and spiritual well-being. It's evident that Sparsh Hospice is making a meaningful difference in the lives of those they serve.
17:50 15 Nov 23
Super hospitality service in free of cost. They received and listened our issue with patience.I like the way they reacted and their response
Meghana ReddyMeghana Reddy
02:05 14 Nov 23
This is the best organisation I have ever seen recently which provides better care for the people who are in real need .I have seen that not only patients but also care givers are taken care and supported. I have learnt a lot in a 4 day volunteer program. I experienced so much of positive vibes from the Sparsh which a patient and the people around needs.
Dr HanishaDr Hanisha
16:57 10 Nov 23
A great and divine place where you find the kindest souls and helping hands working tirelessly for the people who are suffering .It is a great place for the terminally ill patients who are suffering from cancer ,cardiac and renal dieseases to lead a life with dignity and love.This place taught me how i can be a empathatetic doctor and render my services to the humanity .If you feel alone ,sparsh will always be there besides you
kvl Rameshkvl Ramesh
07:19 25 Oct 23
Hi, Excellent Help. Extremely humane and reliable crew. My mother was diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of this year (2023), and Sparsh Hospice supported me throughout those trying moments. They assisted me with care both at home and in the final days at the Hyderabad Hospice Center. I shall be eternally grateful for their assistance.I'm grateful, Sparsh!
Bodhanapu VishnuBodhanapu Vishnu
06:06 05 Oct 23
We entrusted the care of our aunt to Sparsh Hospice during her final days. Prior to her admission, we chose their home care service, where dedicated volunteers, compassionate doctors, and empathetic psychologists from Sparsh Hospice visited our home once or twice a week. Their visits not only comforted our aunt but also provided invaluable emotional support to our family.In the last crucial 10 days of her life, we made the difficult decision to admit our aunt to the hospice, as her condition had worsened significantly. It brings us solace to say that her last days were marked by peace, a stark contrast to the suffering she endured during her long battle with uterine cancer, which was diagnosed at the fourth stage, four years after her breast cancer recovery.Throughout the home care period, Sparsh Hospice generously provided us with essential amenities like a reclining bed, a wheelchair, and other necessary equipment, ensuring our aunt's comfort and dignity.We owe an immense debt of gratitude to the exceptional individuals who went above and beyond for us. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Ms. Vahini, Ms. Narmada, Dr. Anjaneyulu, Varma, and others who came all the way from Gachibowli to LB Nagar for their home visits. We are also deeply indebted to the entire hospice staff who demonstrated unwavering dedication in serving both patients and their families.The process of acquiring death certificate after everything was all taken care by the staff of the hospice which is very appreciative.We hope that Sparsh Hospice continues to expand its presence, establishing more centers across the city and state. This would allow them to reach and serve larger public.
Manvesh BhaiyaManvesh Bhaiya
06:52 15 Sep 23
It has been a fantastic experience with Sparsh Hospice. Sparsh hospice is a good place for terminally ill patients to have a quality life till end. The patients will be taken good care by the doctor, nurses, entry team.The patients are very comfortable caring.They give free service to patients and the care takers along with them, food is prepared as need of patient and free food for care takers.They also give professional guidance to the family of the patient and help both to handle the issues with confidence and ease. Thank u🙏 Sparsh Hospice entire team .