Love & Care

At the end of life


It is natural that every human being will eventually die, death is inevitable yet it remains a neglected issue in modern health care. Hospice is a special way of caring for people who are terminally ill and have no cure options left.


Sparsh Hospice is a Centre for Palliative Care for terminally ill patients, for whom ‘treatment to cure’ is no longer effective. We seek to ‘alleviate pain without curing,’ and offer everyone a personal, warm & dignified departure.

Our Vision

We seek to provide exceptional palliative care services, free of cost, to terminally ill patients hailing from all sections of the society.

To Remain Dedicated

Of a team that remains fully committed to alleviating the pain of every individual for whom cure is no longer an option.

To Stay Determined

To serve the society and the elderly who have lived a life of fullness and now much be offered care in their final days.

To Offer Dignity

Towards those bidding farewell to this world, bringing them a sense of warmth, care and pain-free departure.

To Keep Doing

The best we can and expand our services to a greater populace who may be in a similar need of palliative, end-of-life care.

Our Facility

Sparsh has moved to its new facility at Khajaguda. The new building is 60,000 sq ft, meant for 82 Patients, including 10 beds for children’s palliative care and 10 single rooms.

The building has all amenities for patient and attenders comfort including an Amphitheatre, Dining Hall, Library, Physiotherapy room, an Auditorium and a well landscapes garden.

Sparsh Hospice encourages you to donate generously to this noble cause. All our services are provided to every individual without any cost and all of these are funded by charitable donations and the generosity of those making these donations. No donation is big or small and we encourage you to donate as per your calling. Donations can be made by clicking the "Donate Now" button on our website using a Credit Card/Debit Card /UPI (*subject to a service charge on the Cashfree gateway*). You may alternatively choose to make the donation via NEFT/RTGS externally through your bank’s portal. Kindly click on our Donate page for more details.
In Addition to accommodations and food for our patients, we provide care to moderating physical pain and emotional sorrow. Treatment includes medication for patients to reduce pain and deal with the side-effects of undergoing chemotherapy. We also offer counselling to family members to deal with the imminent departure of their loved ones.
All donations received in India by the Trust are eligible for tax exemption under sections 12A and 80G and all US donations are tax exempt under section 501 (c)(3). You will be given a proper receipt and the same can be used for tax rebate. You can reach us any time for any further clarification in this regard.
Mr Anand Reddy

I sometimes think "we Family members do less service to our loved ones than they do.Everyone greets you with a smile, no matter how hard the situation is.Sparsh Hospice experience left a Beautiful Memory , that will stay with me for ever.

Ms Parimala Parigi

Sparsh Hospice is that Life , Beyond Life..Hats off to them , Fell in Love with Humanity..

Mr Kalyan R

Another hidden Gem of Hyderabad.No words can express our profound gratitude for their services.To our surprise all services provided here are Free…

Mr Subba Rao Desu Venkatla

Great & Invaluable service done by this Excellent Team,They also celebrate Festivals & Important occassions to keep people Happy & Comfortable.

Mr Md. Saidur Rahman

Very good organization for Cancer Patients.Totally Free of Cost….

Mr .Vivian David

Was really surprised by the amazing care given to end stage Cancer Patients.

Mr Abdul Bari

During her stay at Sparsh the overall care & Hospitality rendered by the staff members was overwhelmingly supportive in all aspects. Please continue this noble cause for the sake of Humanity.

Ms Shivani Gupta

One of the Best services, its really the place of Peace , where People are like Not less than Gods. Thank You for taking Care of my Grandfather.

Mr Shiv Kumar Athreya

Everyone at Sparsh is so kind to the Patient& the Visitors. They talk to the Patient , make the Patients talk and sing , crack jokes, conduct cultural events.. The Patient never feels away from Home.

Mr Anand Reddy

I sometimes think we, Family members do less service to our loved ones than they do. Everyone greets you with a smile. no matter how hard the situation is. Sparsh Hospice experience left a Beautiful memory that will stay with me Forever…

Mr Arul Marsakatla

The Institution really shows , what it really means by the " Human Touch ".The people who render their serviceare really God Given gifts for the Patients.

Mr Ashwin Noronha

Some Angels don't have WINGS, Sparsh is one of them.

Mr Chalapati Yaleru

All the staff from Top to Bottom, they were greeting Patients with sweet words , smiling Face, Kind hearted words.Creating a new Hope in Patients.

Mr Ash P

I stay in the United States, so my Family helped me by checking a lot of Hospice Facilities in & around Hyderabad before finalizing Sparsh.I must totally admit that this place is made up of Loving & Caring people. I would totally recommend Sparsh Hospice to anyone who is looking for such services.

Ms Niru Kolli

They were very supportive & Compassionate, provided pain relief for the Patient.It was less strainful for the Family.

Mr Rajat Sharma

Sparsh is doing an Awesome Job, they offer Patients a serene atmosphere to spend their Last Days.

Mr Akhil Soma

Its like God has shown us the way to Sparsh Hospice.Once again I thank everyone. I highly recommend this place to anyone, who is suffering from Terminally Ill Disease.

Mr Srinivasa R Katuri

My Sincere Thanks & Regards to the Founders , Doctors ,& Staff who is suffering for this Noble Cause which is not measured by any words. As Swami Vivekananda once said "Jeeva Seva – Shiva Seva" Truly from the Bottom of My Heart I am saying , You are marching towards this !

Mr Santosh Vanga

Sparsh staff are Excellent & they are like a Family , they arec providing all services free of Cost.

Mr Yenamandra Krishna

Excellent Service at Sparsh.From top to bottom all level employees at Sparsh are very Good . God Bless the person & his Family who came with this idea to support Terminally Ill Patients.

Mr Sai Ram Reddy

Excellent Hospitality & Good Staff , they serve Good , with Humanity.They Provide free food & Room.

Mr Venkateshwar Rao

No less than Heaven for Patients.May God Bless the Working staff with more energy & Strength .