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Cancer Statistics

1. Every year 10 lakh fresh cancer cases are seen in India. Out of which 7 lakh lose 

the battle to cancer. 

2. India has some of the world's highest incidences of cancer: Cervical, Gall Bladder, 

Oral and Pharynx are the most common forms. 

3. 70% of patients succumb to cancer in the first year in India due to late diagnoses. 

4. 71% deaths occur in the subcontinent in the age group of 30-69 years. 

5. 50% of cancers are now caused due to unhealthy  habits which range from 

obesity to multiple sex partners. 

6. Cancer mortality is expected to reach 1.2 million deaths per year by 2035. 

7. For a country with a billion plus population, 2000 medical and radiation experts 

are available in India. 

8. When the above data is extrapolated the doctor patient ratio is  1:5000.  At 

present there is 1 oncologist per 5000 fresh cancer cases. 

9. The geographic disparity of the country only exacerbates the situation. 

Approximately 60% of medical experts practice in south and west of the country 

while the bulk of patients reside in North, Central and Eastern parts of India. 

10. 26% of cancer patients have instant access to  11% of radiation facilities.



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