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I am touched by the dedication of the staff and volunteers of sparsh.
I am offering my support to this wonder.

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The age old traditions in Indian household dictates that it is the responsibility of family to care for sick and dying members. However, in today's fast paced life with stressful and demanding jobs, it is difficult to exclusively dedicate one towards such a cause.

A conducive environment to care for sick members in a home like setting is a "hospice". The term originated from the Latin word "hospes", which meant a place to serve guests as well as hosts.

Hospices first started emerging in Europe in the 11th century. In the initial years, hospices functioned like small hospitals offering compassionate care to travellers, refugees and others who needed it. Across Europe and America, hospices have diversified their services to cater to needs of the people.

Today Hospices offer comfort, emotional support and spiritual well being to individuals suffering from cancer, HIV/AIDS, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's and heart failures to name a few. 

We would like to reiterate to our viewers that hospice and palliative care is not about relinquishing or abdicating responsibilities of loved ones.

Instead it is valuing the process of dying as much as living.



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